Frequently Asked Questions

On a normal 4G Wi-Fi connection, the commentaries should complete download within 5-6 minutes, depending upon who is also using your Wi-Fi at the same time. Downloading in the evening may take longer if Wi-Fi is experiencing heavy user demand.

Yes, you will need an email address that you can access from your phone, as you will be downloading a large file of commentaries.

You can download the commentary for each island separately. At any time during your app validity period, you can download the commentary for the other island.

The Kruse App will only start playing a commentary when it gets to a point of interest, so you will need to be on your way and driving to hear any commentary.  You will however always hear the introduction commentary once you have downloaded it onto your phone.  All it need now is for you to start your journey and Kruse will fill in the gaps.

We have covered nearly all of the major roads within New Zealand and are proud to say that there are over 1,300 commentary points dotted and plotted throughout the entire country. You should never be without a commentary for longer than 10 minutes.

Yes, we have included many photo opportunities ahead of time, so that you have a reasonable amount of time to prepare to stop safely.  We do however, take no responsibility for any driving incidents.

The Kruse factual information was researched and gathered from reputable publications over a 6-year period to ensure that the factual information was correct at the time of recording.  We have also taken our own creative license within certain stories to provide entertainment rather than just facts and figures, as our passion is The Theatre of Travel.
Yes, we are a small 100% owned family business. We were the first company in the world to develop GPS triggered commentary experiences all the way back in 1996. We have developed a range of commentary technologies and experiences that we have sold around the world including NZ, Australia, Canada, USA and the UK. See our other website