Kruse GPS Travel Guide

We are story-finders and storytellers.

For almost 30-years, our passion has been to find and tell the unknown and forgotten stories of Aotearoa New Zealand. Through the power of storytelling, we have kept these stories alive by captivating your imagination with a truly memorable experience filled with wonder and delight which was previously delivered by our proprietary GPS technology.

Now, we continue the delivery of this unforgettable journey of discovery around Aotearoa New Zealand with a new Kruse GPS Travel Guide App experience that we call The Theatre of Travel.


How Kruse Works

Quite simply, the Kruse GPS Travel Guide app knows when you pass through one of over 1,300 points of interest and automatically plays the audio commentary that relates to your location.

If you have a personal music playlist stored on your phone, you can activate your music app and listen to music between commentary points. As you reach a GPS commentary point location, the Kruse app will pause your music, play the audio commentary and then resume your music from where it was paused.

If you are travelling in a group by vehicle, all you have to do is connect to your vehicle’s radio by Bluetooth or by using an audio cable from the headphone out of your phone to the AUX in on your vehicle stereo. Alternatively, if you are travelling solo, you can just use your headphones.

Experience Kruse Stories

Click here to experience a few examples of over 1,300 stories contained within the Kruse GPS Travel Guide app.


App Requirements

The Kruse GPS Travel Guide app is currently only available for Android phones and requires the following:

  • Storage Requirement – 3GB
  • Operating System – Android Version 5 minimum